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A Seattle Coffee Time Blog!

It’s been one year since I started blogging.

Lots of things happened, I’m in US of A.
I’m reporting from Seattle, Washington – a ever green state of USA.
This place has reputation for heavy coffee consumption, so I gave the name as a coffee time blog.
It’s also called “Rain City”, though, it is more cloudy than rainy.
Seattle reminds me good old days, the school days in home town. Walking in the rain, holding umbrella in one hand and bag on back.
Now the story is same, but place is different. I have heavy laptop bag and umbrella.
In school days we were scared about only the June 1, when the school re-opens. But now its every Monday, when the office re-opens with lots of mails in inbox!! 😦

How did I spend time here?
Don’t be so curious!! The below image is a de-motivating factor
A close look on what Google says about Seattle weather
Seattle Weather
Well this image is like template for weekends, the content remains same! 🙂

My favorite haunted places!
* Stage 6 – I did a performance test, and cross browser compatibility test for this web site. You know, what I mean 😀

* Local Weather – I used to browse this, to find when it snows/rains, which ultimately helps me to decide how much dress layers I have to wear, to survive 🙂

* Watch Video Online and many delicious ‘movies” tagged links of my account.
(bookmarks tagged with “movies” on
Each website is like a person, we meet on net, once in week or once in a day or all time online in day.
Frequent ones are those who are close friends like gmail/

Huh  Ok..that one was crazy comparison!!

Future ventures!
My Roomies are very eager to make me as official cook. All things are set, except me.
Well I did expertise in certain [my own] way of cooking, without downloading a cook book.
Huh.. Too much of internet stuff!!
By the Grace of one of my earlier blog[FYI, I wrote about cleaning cloths even I don’t remember], we have one good old washing machine.
We also have one “old” new fridge, which makes sound like siren (@source: my roomies).
We share the bills in webapp called Bill monk, a web 2.0 Definition of life for bachelor guys!!!
Praise the lord 🙂

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