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BMTC- Baa maga transport Co.

Most uttered words in order of frequency
1.Pass torsi ticket tagolli..(show pass get ticket!!).
What he meant is either show pass or purchase tickets.
What you hear is different
Even though these are supposed to be separate sentences people spell it at one stretch and it means like as if you show pass then only you will get ticket, oh!

2. Enri tallta iddira? ! 😀 (why you are pushing me? #$%# )
Well, If bus is over crowded(most of the time it will be houseful ) because of slow moving (fast growing) traffic you will definitely hear this.
Root Cause Analysis
Driver tends to apply breaks now and then to show how much he has control on bus, people feel Newton’s “Inertia force”, fell on others or try to resist the move by seeking support from other people.
Though this process isn’t intentional, passengers feel that they are only person in bus and others are trying to push them rudely!!

3.ilitira..?(are u getting down? )
Well he is not Arnold, to say geth down.
But this question definitely result in pushing you deep inside bus if you answer “yes”.
If you say “no”, you will be pushed inside bus automatically.
Summary: If you want to stand near door, you need to get down at each stop and get-in again and again.

4.change kodri saaar..(hey, give me change/chillre )
We all know this :), If you don’t have change, get down at next stop.
Catch another bus, and follow above rule.
Finally you will reach your destination. 🙂

And this list may vary depend upon the route you follow.
Different people different routes!

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