Doctre ..e ..e !!

14 ಜುಲೈ

Lot of people are talking about doctors now 🙂 😉
Let us deviate from topic and brief some findings about “Hospital scene” of any local(e) movie
# There will be always 2+ nurses discussing some issues near the door, regardless of hospital.
# As soon as camera man focus on patient “the Doctor” keep on pressing his stethoscope every now and then.
# There should be minimum 2 other doctors to accompany so called main doctor who does always overacting
# Police want to talk with hero about some “serious” matters, followed by scene where doctor says its very critical case, patient is not in position to talk.
# Hero should be able to walk, run and fight 🙂 at any condition provided by director 😛
# Heroine will throw god level dialogues and she must cry.Here is a sample -> save him [hero] ,instead take me , at any cost make him cure….
# Normally patient will suffer from default disease Brain tumor.
# Blood bank will be normally empty and hence hero will donate blood to heroine’s mother/father or vice versa.
# There will be a compulsory scene, we all aware of it.It goes like this.
Hero enters into ward and doctor says “congrats..blah blah ..etc etc ”

Any more scene you would like to add?!….


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