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Movie songs applied to programming concept!

# 1.Two Recursive functions calling each other
Mujhe kuchh kehna hein
mujhe bhi kuchh kehna hein
pehle tum, pehle tum……..
# 2. The debugger
Jab koi baat bigad jaye
Jab koi mushkil pad jaye
Tum dena saath mera hamnawaz……..
# 3. COM programming in VC++
Roop tera mastana
Pyar mera deewana
Bhool kahin hum se na ho jaye……..
# 4. From VC++ to VB
Yeh haseen vaadiyan
Yeh khula asmaan
Aa gaye hum kahan……..
# 5. Untrackable bug
aye ajnabi, tu bhi kabhi,
awaaz de kahin se……..
# 6. Unexpected bug (esp. during presentation to client)
Ye kya hua
Kaise hua
Kab hua
Kyon hua……..
# 7. And then to the client
Jab hua Tab hua O chhodo ye na socho……..
# 8. Load Balancing
Saathi haath badhana
ek akela thak jayega
mil kar bojh uthana
# 9. Modem – talk on a busy connection
suno – kaho,
kaha – suna,
kuch huwa kya?
Abhee to nahin…
kuch bi nahin……..
# 10. Windows getting open sourced
Parde mein rahne do
parda na uthao
parda jo uth gaya to bhed khul jayeha
allah meri tauba, allah meri tauba……..
# 11. Local variable
Mein pal do pal ka shayar hoon,
pal! do pal meri kahani hai,
pal do pal meri hastihai……..
# 12. Global variable
Main har ik pal ka shayar hoon
har ik pal meri kahani hai
har ik pal meri hasti hai……..
# 13. Null pointers
Mera jeevan kora kagaz kora hi reh gaya……..
# 14. Dangling pointers
Maut bhi aati nahi jaan bhi jati nahin……..
# 15. GOTO
Ajeeb dastan hai yeh
Kahan shuru kahan khatam
Ye manzilen hain kaun si
Na woh samajh sake na hum……..


Washing Clothes, just do it yourself

Washing clothes!
Here is how-to for washing clothes
And how washing clothes related to global warning!!
People do like (window)shopping [a lot , you can see it at any mall]
But when it comes washing clothes do we? 😉
The concept is related to computer terminology, it’s a [un] scheduled batch process.
It can be either time-based or on-demand.
Time based scheduling runs based on certain date and time criteria, this strategy wont work with many of us as we don’t have time to think about washing process.
On demand is quite flexible strategy, washing resources provided for eg: soap, detergent, brush, water, time and of course you 🙂
We apply both plans and find out optimum plan [which takes maximum time delay to start washing] and go ahead with our work
Normally we schedule it for every 2 weeks ?! .. fine let it be 3 weeks; So that you also included in this list 🙂
Ok, Not much work, but it takes lot of mental energy, we have to make up our mind to wash clothes.
It really needs some time to plan things and later postpone it.

In our good old hostel life, nobody worries if you didn’t wash clothes [obviously your clothes]
Go to washing machine, dump clothes, detergent and supply water.
Machine don’t know what the clothes are, hence it will not worry about the Content you put and how much dirt associated with it
Keep it for some time, till one more guy like you want to wash his clothes
Empty washing machine for other guy, be social!

An (un)related article
A man who has 2 daughters named uajala and nirma need not own a laundry 🙂

Finally remember save water, save mankind

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