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The Evolution theory

I didn’t know I will become blogger by writing any thing that comes to my mind 🙂
Root Cause analysis says Engineering is an event makes you read anything and write everything out of it, other than you read 😀
Its the time when all of us struggled to read continuously on same subject for 10 minutes and writing the whatever cached in our small brain.
No one have motivation to read, as in the end it doesn’t matter how much you read!
We apply divide [the xerox] and conquer[combined study] strategy in reading, so we can save our time and watch good movies instead.
Oh!.. Strategy for reading is, itself big topic 😉
Time is very precious, Don’t waste time by reading all stuff in xerox
Go and get list of FAQs from your lecture
Almost all people have confidence that they will no get even minimum marks to get the test.
Use poetic license in internals, in fact who will care for content.
Write stories ,songs, anything to fill up the blank space.
This process not subjected to @copyrights law
#Actual Test
The Judgment Day
Smart people used to accumulate/concentrate [stick together policy] good place in classroom to write test.
United We Pass Divided We Fail..
You can write all things well before test, erase the things which are not asked to write. So simple!! It really works 😛
Whatever the questions, write the crap you have read, make use of time that you spend on reading.
#In The End
The guy who will evaluate answers have to do “match the following” process for questions with answers.
Don’t worry about the marks.Valuation and marks is left to GOD.
You will get marks by GRACE[God’s Grace]


Top 9 tips for directing an Indian movie

Aspiring to be a director? You direct it, we will provide scenes for you 🙂
Some of them are as listed below, in random order,anyway it works in any sequence 😛
#1 If the number of heroes is not equal to the number of heroines, the excess heroes/heroines will die.
#2 If there are 2 heroes in a movie, they will fight each other savagely for at least 5 minutes
#3 Any court scene will have the dialogue “Objection My Lord!”. If it is said by the hero, or his lawyer, it will be sustained. Else, it will be overruled. 😉
#4 The hero’s sister will usually marry the hero’s best friend (i.e. the second hero). Else, she will be raped by the villain within the 1st 30 minutes, and commit suicide.
#5 In a chase, the hero will always overtake the villain, even on a bullock-cart, or on foot.
#6 When the hero fires at the villain(s), he will never miss or run out of bullets. When the villain fires at the hero, he will always miss (unless the hero is required to die, as in rule).
#7 Any fight sequence shall take place in the vicinity of a stack of pots, barrels and glass bottles which will be smashed to pieces.
#8 Any movie involving lost+found brothers will have a song sung by the brothers their blind mother (but of course, she has to be blind in order to regain her sight in the climax). Will have a family dog/cat.
The amazing thing is that these folks remember the song after 20 years in the movie, and you can’t remember it 2 minutes after coming out of the theater. 😀
#9 Police inspectors (when not played by the hero) come in three categories: 😛
– Scrupulously honest, probably the hero’s father – killed by the villain before the titles.
– Honest, but always chasing the anti-hero (as in rule), saying “Tum kanoon se bach nahin sakte”, only to pat him in the back in reel 23. Usually, this inspector’s daughter is in love with the anti-hero.
– The corrupt inspector, (usually the real villain’s sidekick) unceremoniously knocked about by the hero(s) in the climax.

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