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Majestic place!!

Hmm..I was in room .Silence is trying to get in..its knocking the door,
I can hear its terrible knocking
The walls are giggling at me..trying to fall on me..
Mind is Stirring, creating storm.

Planned to go ‘Majestic’ place.
So people come here to scold others..vehicles come to hit theirs a** here..obviously people will be fighting for it.Others will be observing from front , they have to improve skills for next fight u know. 🙂
Auto drivers looking for potential, if some guy driving closely behind him, they try to touch it,stop it, and fight for it 🙂 Cool these guys anyway don’t have any effin work.
Auto drivers bindas,no tension,its their hobby so they won’t come to the place which u tell him.
When they leave the place , just scold him
So if you want to scold somebody come to this place scold some other and feel relief..:)
It really works 🙂

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