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Happy New Year!!

Hi Happy New Year 🙂
So New plans..
Just look back ,how did you spent one year?
You enjoyed a lot and may be wasted time on unnecessary things…Do you?
analyze the time you have wasted, can you get it back now..No way
So for new year make up your mind, not to spent like that and enjoy in style
Make plans for whole year!
Set targets , milestones in each month to ensure target !!
Start executing it from Jan 1st,2007
And your Plans should balance personal and professional life, should go in parallel like below picture!!
“A Bend In The Road Is Not The End Of The Road”

Personal Life And Professional Life

And Miles To Go Before I Sleep,
And Miles To Go Before I Sleep.

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‘Auto’ generated blog!!

Scene 1
Time: 9:13 AM
Source:Maruthi Nagar,Madivala
Destination:Raheja arcade, Koramangala 7th Block
Charecters:Me,Gannu,Basya and unknown auto driver[i] where i=1,2,3….N
As usual woke up late, was in hurry. By 40 minutes we were ready, started walking towards office.
Thought of picking some auto, who wants to walk,waste our valuable energy.
hurrah .. many autos are waiting for us 🙂
All drivers were reading colorful news papers, updating their knowledge about auto fairs 🙂 and other business.
Some of them just turning pages up side down as if they have finished 1000 pages 😀
Raheja arcade.. ..oh no..he turned it down
See his face..permanent mood OFF
more autos ..more respones .. nobody is interested ..
oh shit no..crap..$%$##$$
25 Rs …for 1.9Km ..ditch ..let see some other auto..
Meanwhile one auto in opposite direction saw helpless guys , having smile on face[ very rarely you can see this in bangalore] turned way, created +5 minutes traffic jam ..added his name ,one more entry to history of bangalore traffic..
5 minutes of more walk..
finaly we got one…. thanks god
gannu called one more time “raheja arcade “…
..nope..shit..offered pooja,mangalarathi on our face and went like rocket

..Let us drop this idea and walk, one of us suggested..
hmm ok..good for health other one uttered..
Finally we got one ..he is the one 🙂
Our normal Miss-Hit ratio is 99.99% ..impressive
Oops this guy dont know the route.. omg ..thats why he came ..
otherwise nobody would have been there to pick us !! 😦
This is everyday expericence for us
then why the hell autos exists in this world,
for bangalore its deffinately to create more traffic, more tension
Scene 2
Time: 9:13 PM
Source:Raheja arcade, Koramangala 7th Block
Destination:Maruthi Nagar,Madivala
Charecters: All Charecters are same except drivers who were other unkowns.

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Hello world!

Hello World 🙂